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O'Brien's Auto Repair, Willows CA, 95988, Auto Repair, Engine Repair, Brake Repair, Transmission Repair and Auto Electrical Service O'Brien's Auto Repair, Willows CA, 95988, Auto Repair, Engine Repair, Brake Repair, Transmission Repair and Auto Electrical Service O'Brien's Auto Repair, Willows CA, 95988, Auto Repair, Engine Repair, Brake Repair, Transmission Repair and Auto Electrical Service O'Brien's Auto Repair, Willows CA, 95988, Auto Repair, Engine Repair, Brake Repair, Transmission Repair and Auto Electrical Service O'Brien's Auto Repair, Willows CA, 95988, Auto Repair, Engine Repair, Brake Repair, Transmission Repair and Auto Electrical Service

Welcome to O'Brien's Auto Repair in Willows, 
your Premier Auto Repair and Service Shop

O'Brien's Auto Repair, Willows CA, 95988, Auto Repair, Engine Repair, Brake Repair, Transmission Repair and Auto Electrical Service
Letitia Johnson, 

Hello, I am Letitia Johnson, and I would like to welcome you to O'Brien's Auto Repair in Willows. With close to 70 years of collective experience, we are proud to be your local Auto Repair experts. As the premier auto repair shop in Willows, our highly trained automotive technicians take pride in all of their Auto Repair efforts.

Each and every one of our reliable specialists undergoes extensive automotive repair training, including advanced certification in Brake Repair, Engine Repair, Transmission Repair, and Auto Electrical Service. While emissions and computer controls may be one of our specialties, our reputation has been built on our ability to solve all complex mechanical issues on your vehicle bumper to bumper.

No matter your vehicle needs, our team at O'Brien's Auto Repair will be glad to provide trustworthy, honest, and reputable service. We are grateful to offer reliable vehicle care to Willows residents, as well as those just driving through.

Certified for your benefit

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Josh K. from Willows, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair, on 5/7/2016:
"It's the best in town (Willows, CA), and even in (Chico, CA).. Our family has used the O'Brien's Auto Repair shop for decades, and never had anything but good experience.
If you want honesty, custom service around your budget/needs/situation, take it in to O'Brien's!...
Only place I will take my vehicles."

Donna F. from Willows, CA, whose Jeep was in for an auto repair service, on 5/3/2016:
"Great place to bring your vehicle."

Leon R. from Willows, CA, whose Buick was in for an auto repair service, on 4/30/2016:
"I've never been dissatisfied and always told what needs to be done before they do anything."

Bonnie P. from Willows, CA, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair service, on 2/12/2016:
"Excellent, helpful, honest, careful-need I say more?"

Patricia M. from Willows, CA, whose Oldsmobile was in for an auto repair service, on 2/6/2016:
"Expert and honest service!"

Anonymous on 2/5/2016:
"Great service, nice staff!!"

Kim R. from Elk Creek, CA, whose Dodge was in for an auto repair, on 1/22/2016:
"They are #1 in our book!!! We have been with them for years and are truly satisfied, especially siince Tish has taken over!! There is nothing that they won't tackle!!"

Mary Q. on 12/22/2015:
"I have been a satisfied customer for years."

Bessie M. from Willows, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 11/18/2015:
"Friendly and professional service. Trustworthy! Tish, thank you for the extra help yesterday."

Leon J. R. from Willows, CA, whose Buick was in for an auto repair, on 8/6/2015:
"Always tell them it is always top of line work!"

Amanda C. from Willows, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair, on 7/11/2015:
"I always tell everyone about O'Briens! Best service every time!"

Victoria S. from Willows, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair service, on 6/27/2015:
"I have used them for some time to service my vehicles, and i find them friendly, efficient, and reasonable."

Marcia S. from Willows, CA, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair service, on 5/21/2015:
"Convenience, efficient, and courteous!"

J S. from Willows, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 5/9/2015:
"You are very nice!"

Dan F. from Willows, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 4/23/2015:
"I would tell them their are the best in town!"

Greg H. from Willows, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair, on 3/29/2015:
"excellent and fast service, just like always."

Holly M. from Willows, CA, whose GMC was in for an auto repair service, on 2/26/2015:
"Tish and the O'Brien's Auto Repair Staff always offer and provide over the top service!"

Margaret B. from Willows, CA, whose Chrysler was in for an auto repair service, on 2/14/2015:
"Excellent service as always."

Kim on 1/8/2015:
"Personalized service and available with short notice!!"

Fred on 1/5/2015:
"O'Brien's always treats us right!!"

Ron C. from Willows, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair service, on 12/9/2014:
"Very good service and honest people"

Sandra B. from Willows, CA, whose Dodge was in for an auto repair service, on 12/1/2014:
"That Tish and her team went over and above to get my car repaired before the Thanksgiving Holiday."

Raymond L. from Willows, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair, on 11/24/2014:
"I feel extremely lucky to have moved into a small town and have a shop that can maintain my cars. The guys have worked on my 95 BMW M3 and 08 VW GTI which are both track cars. They are replacing a blown turbo as I speak and have total confidence that the job, not easy, will be done correctly. I've had issues with other shops in the Bay Area every time I've had my cars worked on. This has never been the case at O'Briens and I would highly recommend them for their good service, prices and honest work."

Angela B. from Willows, CA, whose Mazda was in for an auto repair, on 11/22/2014:
"O'Briens gets the job done! They are friendly, trust worthy, and down-to-earth. They have knowledgeable and honest mechanics. Tish is awesome!"

Bessie M. on 11/21/2014:
"The quality is excellent and they are honest."

Raymond L. from Willows, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair, on 11/20/2014:
"I have some very nice cars that are repaired quite often due to them being race cars. I recently moved from the Bay Area and have yet to find a shop with such excellent and timely repairs at O"Brien's in all my days. I have a turbo being replaced and calipers being rebuilt on another car as I speak. I highly recommend everyone to give them a try. You won't be disappointed."

Mary Ellen K. from Willows, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair, on 11/14/2014:
"Always able to get a quick appointment. Friendly staff!!"

Bonnie P. from Willows, CA, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair, on 11/8/2014:
"Fair, honest and thorough- I recommend them highly!"

Holly M. from Willows, CA, whose GMC was in for an auto repair, on 9/26/2014:
"Excellent! Tish and her crew always go the extra mile to please the customer."

Mike O. from Chico, CA, whose Volkswagen was in for an auto repair, on 7/30/2014:
"only place to go..."

Suzy B. from Willows, CA, whose Buick was in for an auto repair service, on 7/21/2014:
"They are very nice to work with and I feel confident in the quality of their work, knowledge and thoroughness. They have a good team!"

Lisa F. from Willows, CA, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair service, on 5/15/2014:
"The only shop that I will have work on my vehicle"

Marcia S. , whose Isuzu was in for an auto repair, on 4/12/2014:
"What a great, reliable, dependable, courteous, reasonably priced, clean, responsible, and informative shop and service."

Kristopher H. on 3/31/2014:
"I would tell them that obriens is the best shop and has the best mechanics you will find."

Margaret B. from Willows, CA, whose Chrysler was in for an auto repair service, on 3/28/2014:
"Always quality work and repairs. Excellent customer service. They go the extra mile for you."

Penny D. from Willows, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair service, on 2/24/2014:
"They were very accommodating, and the price was reasonable."

Penny D. from Willows, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair service, on 2/24/2014:
"They were very accommodating, and the price was reasonable."

Mary Q. from Stonyford, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair service, on 2/24/2014:
"I feel confident in bringing my vehicles here."

Greg H. from Willows, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair, on 2/5/2014:

R S. from Willows, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair service, on 2/3/2014:
"they are honest and i trust them with my vehicle"

Dianneb on 1/21/2014:
"I had a great experience. The price was right and the service was exceptional."

Kimr on 1/13/2014:
"Your team is great and so are you Tish!! You deliver what you say with no hesitation!~ I will continue to bring our vehicles to your facility!! Kudos to all oflyour team."

Marcias on 1/11/2014:
"As an ongoing customer of O'Brien's I find that their knowledge, expeditious service, and customer satisfaction has and will make me a customer for life. I refer family, friends, and acquaintances knowing that we will always get upfront honesty with unmatched professionalism every time."

Ronc on 12/17/2013:
"great job in getting me into the shop and getting me a battery in my car"

Marcias on 12/12/2013:
"Convenient, affordable, and extremely proficient."

Anonymous on 12/10/2013:
"Great customer service, prompt service"

Annb on 12/10/2013:
"the appt. went just fine i have no complaints."

Mikeo on 12/5/2013:
"Excellent service, friendly, competent and efficient."

Anonymous on 12/5/2013:
"always a good experience"

Ronc on 10/29/2013:
"thxs for getting me in on short time..."

Claudiaa on 10/17/2013:
"Nice people , fast , honest (and it's hard to find that on this days) and , really good prices."

Maryh on 10/17/2013:
"Thank you for letting me know what needed to be taken care of on the van."

Triciaf on 10/15/2013:
"Excellent service. The staff is friendly and always able to get me in as soon as possible."

Joshk on 10/11/2013:
"As always.... O'Brien's does all my Auto work because I am not gifted in that department, and they have been honest and trustworthy unto the third generation of my family!...
So, I needed my oil changed "way overdue"... had planned to bring my car in at 9:30am... One does not know when they will awake to their child with the flu and all the care required immediately!
Yet O'Brien's did not let my obstacle stop them from personally picking up my car-giving it an oil change-and returning it-(without me having to leave my child or house)... Just another resaon why I will follow in My grandad's and dad's step of having O'Brien's as their go-to auto shop! Thank you all for coming through, in an impossible day to get my car to the shop~ yet it still getting there by awesome customer service!
I believe that "pat's on the back and kuddos" should be voiced when so very appropriate! And Thus it was...."

Fredk on 10/4/2013:
"Always helpful!! Excellent service!!"

Jiml on 9/28/2013:
"Excellent professonal service."

Caroll on 9/27/2013:
"Work was done timely and well."

Marcias on 9/26/2013:
"As usual impeccable service with a great price and amazin courtesy! Always a positive experience and completely convenient."

Janew on 9/26/2013:
"Always get great service at Obrien's!!! Thanks for getting us in right away!!!"

Triciaf on 9/17/2013:
"They got me in quick for a smog check,were friendly, and for a good price."

Thomask on 9/16/2013:
"Good Job."

Marcias on 8/27/2013:
"always a pleasurable experience. Fast, friendly, reliable and reasonable I have found O'Briens to be the only place I will refer family and friends to."

Mikeo on 8/27/2013:
"Just a smog this time but it was fast in and out. Thanks"

Rodneyi on 8/20/2013:
"Great service, went in without an appointment and mechanics did a thorough and great job on the same day. Highly recommend!"

Marcias on 8/5/2013:
"Effective and efficient as usual!"

Ralphb on 7/20/2013:
"Always helpful. They treat us like family; that's a good thing."

Davidr on 7/15/2013:
"My oil change was done quickly and exactly as I requested with no extra charges or surprises and no up selling that I usually encounter at national chain oil and lube places."

Gregh on 6/26/2013:
"The best auto shop around,people service,everything."

Anonymous on 6/16/2013:
"The staff at O'Brian's takes excellent care of my car. They know what they are doing and are honest......They just give great service."

Fredk on 6/6/2013:
"Excellent service!! Got me in right away for an "emergency"!! So clean and efficient!!"

Hazelh on 6/4/2013:
"Thanks, as always, to Tish and everyone else at O'Brien's Auto Repair for making the experience as painless as possible."

Margaretb on 5/13/2013:
"my battery had a crack and was barely starting the car. Tish got me in that day and I had a new battery and was on my way in less than an hour. Thanks for your great service!!"

Jimd on 5/6/2013:
"The work was performed in a fine, professional manner. Every effort was made to minimize the cost of service and repairs without minimizing the quality of the work.

O'Brien's Auto Repair did a fine job."

Anonymous on 5/5/2013:
"Thank you!"

Jackieg on 5/5/2013:
"After having our vehicle in the shop 3 times in one year (twice being at the dealership), it's nice to finally have the problem fixed. Thank you so much Tish (O'Brien's Auto Repair) for fixing our car!

Jeana & Ty Potts"

Hollym on 5/2/2013:
"As always.... Fast, Friendly & Reliable! Over the top service!!!"

Marcias on 4/24/2013:
"They were wonderful and provided updated information and support every step of the way for my daughters car. They completed the work as promised and stayed with time frames. I appreciated their time and patience with us as we were calling a lot to get the car back to my daughter."

Anonymous on 4/16/2013:
"Friendly, knowledgeable, and done right. I would recommand O'
bien's Auto Repair to others."

Coleenh on 4/8/2013:
"The service at OBriens is always wonderful! Took car in for oil change, and general maintenance."

Anonymous on 4/7/2013:
"Tish and her crew really saved the day for us. Our Ford Windsar was towed in after overhaeting. The drive belt was off and it needed a idler wheel for the drive belt. They had the part and fixed the car in an hour."

Brianr on 4/5/2013:
"Always cooperative, and willing to work around my schedule."

Garyb on 4/5/2013:
"Always happy with the service! :)"

Joshk on 4/4/2013:
"As always, this team at O'Briens's always provides quality service, and is upfront and honest about what my vehicle needs,(They i.e Tish will always call before ordering or allowing any extra costs) and quotes on the cost. When they service a vehicle, it is always inspected and given back better than dropped off, with any other needs being addressed. Thank you as always."

Dorthyb on 4/1/2013:
"thanks for fixing my car right away so I am able to get to Doctor appointments in Chico"

Rodneyi on 3/30/2013:
"Great service every time. The owner does a great job with her customers and service is excellent!"

Amandac on 3/30/2013:
"Always the best service. Thanks Tish and crew for getting our truck ready for my daughter's wedding. You are all awesome!"

Ronc on 3/28/2013:
"great as can be to get the job done right"

Danf on 3/24/2013:
"O'Briens Auto repair is the best!!
Tish and the guys are the most awenest and helpful people I have every worked with. I would recommend them to anyone and every one."

Janicel on 3/21/2013:
"GREAT>>as always........JANICE LOHMAN"

Marcias on 3/15/2013:
"It was amazing as usual, on time, completed, and always a good price. I will never go anywhere else for my cars maintenance."

Ronc on 3/14/2013:
"ty for getting me in to get my car smoged"

Anonymous on 3/13/2013:
"Great service, text reminders work wonders with a personal call for pick up. Thank you!"

Tedj on 3/10/2013:
"As always, Tish and her crew were able to determine the need, and what it required to solve the problem in a timely manner, thus saving money. I was in and out in a shorter amount of time.

Thanks again,
Ted Johnson"

Ronc on 2/21/2013:
"thanks for making the time to get my car in and out"

Anonymous on 2/19/2013:
"As usual my experience at O'Brien's was good, and I appreciate having them close by, for when there is a need for repair of my vehicles...June"

Jimd on 2/16/2013:
"The work was excellent. The people at O'Brien's are always friendly, willing to help, well-trained and knowledgable. It's my first choice for auto care."

Leonr on 2/9/2013:
"Aways good service."

Susanp on 2/7/2013:
"As Always a job well done. Thank-you for you friendships and your expertise."

Rodneyi on 2/4/2013:
"Very pleased with the service at O'Brien's. They do a thorough job and I highly recommend them."

Garyb on 2/3/2013:
"Always satisfied! ;)"

Maryh on 1/26/2013:
"great service all around.....
fair price........
got the part next day, and installed that same day..."

Gregh on 1/22/2013:

Marcias on 1/18/2013:
"The service was fantastic! They squeezed me in last minute to accommodate my schedule and completed the work expeditiously! I will always go to Obriens for all my car care needs!!"

Jiml on 1/16/2013:
"Very good profesonal service."

Ritaf on 1/15/2013:
"As expected, I received the usual fine service and attention from O'Brien's. Michael and Brian were waiting or me when I arrived. They always go beyond just an oil change: top off liquids, check tire pressure, found & replaced a dirty air filter. For my own knowledge, Brian was happy to review the worksheet and answer questions I had about each area of attention. Thank you All for caring for my 2000 Toyota Sienna!! Ms. R"

Susanp on 1/3/2013:
"Always good service! AAA+"

Amandac on 1/1/2013:
"As always, super service and great work. I appreciate how quickly they found the issues with my daughter's car and repaired it. O'briens crew and Tish are a life saver!"

Susang on 12/22/2012:
"helpful, efficient, reasonable"

Lynetteb on 12/20/2012:
"Feel free to use this auto repair shop for all your repair needs. Tish and her specialists and just great. You can expect that level of service that we all hope to receive when we contact someone for help. Thanks again Tish!"

Ronc on 12/19/2012:
"thanks for getting me in early for a oil change..."

Davek on 12/12/2012:
"Great bunch of people when I go there always can expect great work usually in and out less than 45 minutes tops. Been going there for years and will continue going there. If there's a problem with my vehicle they let me know what needs to be done and get it done. Great job guys!!!"

Joycer on 11/21/2012:
"We bring all our ranch vehicles in and recently they fixed my daughters truck, so nice to know your child is in safe hands. You cant go wrong at O'Briens, and the best thing: it is owned by a woman! Rebecca Reed Willows California"

Haroldw on 11/14/2012:

Rodneyi on 11/7/2012:
"Thanks so much for your service. Work was done quickly with good advice on other needed maintenance."

Thomask on 11/6/2012:
"I Called to have my pickup smoged they said come down in 20minutes , and I had my pickup back in less than an hour."

Maryq on 11/4/2012:
"As usual Tish, you and your crew are providing excellent, professional service. I am very pleased with the work performed on my car and pickup recently."

Jimd on 10/27/2012:
"Thanks for your hard work, friendliness, and competency, and for your dedication to your customers and good work."

Geroldm on 10/20/2012:
"as always, excelent work. got it done in no time. don't have to say keep up the good work, as you always do good work. Thanks, jerry McGinley"

Belindaa on 10/16/2012:
"I am always pleased with Obrian's service. That is why we keep coming back.
They always take care of us. Tish is awesome and a great person. She is always so helpful."

Kimr on 9/29/2012:
"Thanks to the crew and boss at O'Brien's Auto Repair for the speedy and efficient job you did with the changing of the u joints on our this week. We are very pleased with the service that you provide and we will continue to bring our vehicles to your shop!!"

R on 9/27/2012:
"Because of a family situation O'Brien's fit a last minute service into their schedule. That was one less worry as I hit the freeway. Thank you so much for your helpfulness."

Jimd on 9/23/2012:
"As usual, you did a great job. Thanks."

Deliaa on 9/7/2012:
"Once again Tish and everyone at O'Brien's has provided top notch service. With somewhat of an emergency, I called yesterday morning for a same day appointment to get my car smoged. My registration was late and I had only one day before another penalty would be applied. Though O'Brien's had a full schedule Tish worked me in.

I could not be more satisfied with the high level of service I consistently recieve from O'Brien's.

Dee Azure"

Amandac on 9/6/2012:

Lindaj on 8/29/2012:
"Trish and her employees are still trying to narrow in on the problem but most likely is has to do with my fuel filter. Someone in the Dodge Caravan design world thought it would be wonderful to put the fuel filter inside of the fuel tank-NOT. They may have had possible future $$ making avenue in their mind, whoever the person was, but it sure has created a pain in all of our sides. Anyway, Trish searched it out via internet and I am not the only person that has had this problem. I thought this was very 21st century, using all avenues.

Everyone was great. Thanks."

Ritaf on 8/22/2012:
"I am a new customer to O'Brien's Auto Repair, however, it's the "OLD FASHIONED SERVICE" that keeps me coming back when I need assistance or have a question about my 2000 Toyota Sienna. Ms. Letitia Johnson & her very competent staff are always there for me. It is rare to find a lady in this male-dominated profession who can hold her own while continuing to earn the respect and support of her colleagues and the confidence and trust of her customers. Ms. Johnson's team has replaced my battery, provided a new alternator and changed my oil recently.
This is my 3rd Toyota van and I have a long, solid allegiance to "All Toyota parts & service". The remoteness of my residence from a Toyota dealership requires using my resources.The local Napa Auto Parts store in Willows highly recommended her. That's how I came to find Ms. Tish Johnson, and I am so glad I did!! My thanks and appreciation to you all!! Sincerely, Ms. Rita Franklin, Lodoga, CA."

Ronc on 8/18/2012:
"got there before apointment time got me and out quick...thanks Obriens"

Waynel on 8/12/2012:
"Tish and her crew have given us excellent service over the years. She is so helpful and reliable. Everyone makes sure our cars are serviced and running well. They even go out of their way to pick us up if a ride is necessary. We so appreciate their forthrightness. It's always a pleasure doing business with them. We would recommend Obrien's Auto Repair to friends and neighbors as a honorable car repair.

Wayne and Sondra Landberg
( satisfied customers)"

Thomask on 8/2/2012:
"Good Job. Thanks for the reminder on registration. TK"

Jiml on 8/1/2012:
"Thanks for letting me come in on a last minute request. As always, I'm satisfied with the quality service."

Gregh on 8/1/2012:
"experience great as always thanks guys GREG"

Junes on 7/19/2012:
"Well, as usual you gave me good and prompt service! Thanks!"

Hazelh on 7/7/2012:
"once again, excellent service at o'brien's auto repair. i was able to take my car in two hours after my initial call to diagnose the problem. it was determined a part was needed and once that came in an appointment was made and the car was ready in an hour. i was told what was wrong, what would be done to fix it, how long it would take, and how much it would cost. fantastic! thanks to all at o'brien's."

Anonymous on 7/1/2012:
"Always able to make appointments convenient and squeezes you in when needed. Friendly and reliable."

Same on 6/27/2012:
"As usual, my experiences with your business are 5 star. I trust your opinion and know that I will get the work done that is needed to make my highway driving safer. Thanks Trish"

Harrietg on 6/21/2012:
"dependable and courteous service is how this business is run. we won't go anywhere else!"

Mikeo on 6/11/2012:
"Thanks Tish. The brakes haven't worked that well for a while."

Joshk on 6/4/2012:
"We had went far over the oil-change limit with our vehicle (due to finances). As soon as we had the funds, I went down on a friday hoping possibly there may be a spot by Monday. Tish was able to work us in, and I left our car in good hands. Midway through the change, an air-filter was noticed to be replaced. They personally called, and we said "for sure".. Within two hours of "seeing" if we could get in, our car was fully serviced! We sure like the way they push to get customer needs done asap!"

Denisen on 6/3/2012:
"We didn't have an appointment and they made too
And everything went so smoothly. The staff and service excellent and a pleasure to deal with! Thank you Tish"

Ronc on 5/31/2012:
"quick and well done thanks tish and crew"

Thomask on 5/27/2012:
"Good Job on Time. thanks"

Hollym on 5/26/2012:
"Aways a pleasure having my car serviced at O'Briens Auto Repair. Tish strives to make each experience easy and convienient. Her staff goes the extra mile to get the job done in a timely manner. For no hassel no fuss service...see Tish and her friendly staff today!"

Deliaa on 5/17/2012:
"I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of service received from O'Brien's. The mechanics are courteous, helpful and efficient."

Haroldw on 5/11/2012:
"Great service as always. Thanks Harold"

Wendyw on 4/9/2012:
"Always awesome service! Thank you Tish!!"

Cynthiam on 4/7/2012:
"Goes out of their way for customer satifaction. Thanks again."

Ronc on 4/4/2012:
"friendly quick to get to you and gets the job done..thanks Tish & crew"

Cynthiam on 3/31/2012:
"Thanks for going the extra mile. Making phone calls, which other would not of done. Going out of your way again to ensure information given and received is accurate. Always enjoy doing business with O'Brain's. Thanks Tish......"

Amandac on 3/22/2012:

Gregh on 3/21/2012:
"ALWAYS EXCELLENT.[not much else to say]."

Thomask on 3/17/2012:
"Work done on time. Trust of O'Brien's word on what needs to be done is important."

Jeremyw on 3/13/2012:
"As allways Trish took care uf us. She had her guys find the problem with our van ,and had it repared with in a few days.I recomend O'briens auto repair to all my friends"

Jeremyw on 3/11/2012:
"Been going there for years, always get excellent service. Would recomend them to all of my friends."

Cynthiam on 3/10/2012:
"Owner always goes out and beyond the call of any car service dealer I have ever been to. 5 Star
Fast Service, ensures pick-up and delivery of car when needed. Brought my car in at 3pm, it was looked at within a 10 minutes. Found out I was leaving for a trip the next day. Part was ordered, car was ready for my trip by 9am. Owner made sure my family had a very safe trip.
Thank you Trish"

Marcias on 3/8/2012:
"It was fanominal! The new online system is fantastic and convenient. No more trying to find the number, setting up an appt, and scrolling through my calendar all at one time. I was astonished at how fast, simple, and easy the online access was. I had a confirmation for the appt within minutes and dropped my car off the next morning. Their online system has expedited service which has taken that stress and hassle out of the mix. This is the way for me from now on!"

Evaw on 3/1/2012:
"I have been coming to the this shop over 6 years and each time I come am treated with respect. I will keeping bringing my car to O'Briens as long as thier are open and its the same owner."

Amandac on 2/26/2012:

Marlener on 2/23/2012:
"What a great deal Tish to make your website. I have put this in my favorites - very handy. Congrats again

Marlene Rinesmith"

Ralphb on 2/19/2012:
"work complete on time. done quickly and correctly."

Donnaf on 2/10/2012:
"New to the area and was recommended. Had a smog check. Fast, friendly and will be my go to place for needed work.

Mikeo on 1/30/2012:
"Excellant job as usual. well trained crew.Efficient. Completed timely. Courteous"

Jakeh on 1/20/2012:
"Thank you for taking such good care of my Tahoe over the last couple years. I truly appreciate your dedication to your work and customer service! Thanks guys! And Tish! ;)"

Joshk on 1/20/2012:
"I have followed in my dad (Tom Kelly)'s footstep of sticking with the O'Briens Auto Care. They have always been honest and get the work done in a timely manner, and actually treat me, and my family as a community buisness should. They give me tips "How NOT to be back in the shop sooner", while other buisness's do the opposite. Tish is always on top of things, and if they don't have it- (They will get it as fast as possible)!... I will continue to reccomend and take my vehicles for service here, as it remains my first choice for Auto repair and regular maintenance. Josh Kelly"

Coleenh on 1/11/2012:

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